Internet of Things

All in the cloud


So far, most of the investment has been around efficiency and expense reduction or improved asset utilization/ reduction of assets needed to run the business rather than on revenue growth through innovation or market disruption.

Operating Metrics

Smart, context-aware, connected devices potentially offer new insights and capabilities related to better understanding and managing companies, acquiring or developing customers and products.

Performance improvement

Consider what can be learned from IoT data over time to improve processes and product design to reduce the occurrence of incidents in the first place. 

What is IoT

The concept gained steam for its ability to connect the unconnected, physical-first objects previously incapable of generating, transmitting, and receiving data unless augmented or manipulated.

One of the most basic uses of the IoT is to connect devices to the Internet so they can report their status or their local environment.

This data could track required maintenance, improve production efficiencies, reduce downtime, increase safety, and more.

The depth and breadth of IoT applications are creating new opportunities, providing new markets for existing businesses, and improving operational efficiencies.

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