Nydor System Technologies (NST AE) provides IOT solutions for Livestock farm management and milk quality trace-ability

NST AE provides fully customizable IOT electronic eco-systems for livestock farm management to monitor and manage herds, as well as to assist breeders with appropriate guidance. NST AE supports Greek Farms and Dairy processing companies (e.g. AEOLIKOS – LESVOS) with livestock & breeding
assisting technologies in the wider Greek territory. Herds breeding in
farms which are under the supervision of Dairy processing companies (e.g. Aeolikos) are equipped with NST AE solutions for effective management of the farm’s activities on daily basis and the efficient measurement of healthy living and nutrition indicators, as well as the productive development of the Livestock, issues that are considered very valuable both for the Farmers and the Dairy processing companies.

NST AE provides IOT technologies assisting livestock farms and dairy processing companies in:

Gathering online information from in-house and open breeding procedures;

Tracing milk quality during the milking, storage and transportation procedures;

Smart Livestock Farming